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Media Center FAQ

Here are some questions students usually have about our media center. 

Visiting the Media Center

When are you open?

Monday-Friday 8:00-3:15

Are you open during lunch
We are for grades 5-8! We are ALWAYS open at lunch for anyone who has homework they need to work on! 

Can I come to the library during the day?
For sure! If your teacher says it's ok and writes you a pass you are welcome to come to the media center to check out a book or get other help. 

Book Checkout

How many books can I have checked out at once?

Grade 5 can have two book checkouts at one time.
Grades 6-8 can have three book checkouts at one time.

How long can I have a book?
Our check out length is 2 weeks, bring your book in and we will be happy to renew it!

Can I put a book on hold?
For sure! See media staff to place a book on hold.

What if I lose a book?
Come talk to us right away! We understand things happen, and we'll work together to find the book or decide what to do next. 

What if I damage a book?
Again come talk to us right away. We'll figure out together what to do. 


Are there computers to use in the media center?
We have computers that are only for homework. You can use them before school, after school and during lunch.

Can I print?
Yes, as long as it is school related. You have access to the printer in the media center from the media center computers. Please see media staff prior to printing.

Can I play games on the computers?
Sorry but no. They are for homework only.